We are a professional legal transcription service provider, specialising in delivering timely, accurate and reliable written, audio and/or video transcripts for your legal proceedings. We take pride in ensuring that you receive the highest quality and accurate record of proceedings on time, always.

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Transcription and recording services for all ADR and court proceedings, whether in-person, virtual or hybrid proceedings. We are also able to provide translation services for English, Chinese (Mandarin) and Malay Language.

1. Transcription Verbatim

Please contact us to enquire.

Turnaround of 48 hours / Price per min

2. Transcription Verbatim

RM 6.50 /min

Turnaround of 7 days / Price per min

3. Transcription Verbatim

RM 5.50 /min

Turnaround of 14 days/ Price per min

4. Transcription Verbatim

RM 4.50 /min

Turnaround of 21 days/ Price per min

5. Recording Services

RM 699 /day

On Site Audio Recording Services

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